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Dengue takes 103 lifes in Dominican Republic


Santo Domingo.– Dengue was responsible for the death of 103 Dominicans in 2015, mostly children and poor people who were taken to public health centers seeking medical attention but many of them were misdiagnosed or were not provided the adequate monitoring, as demonstrated by medical audits, Diario Libre reported today.

As for those affected by the disease, the Epidemiology Department reported 16,877 cases for a difference of 10,709 in relation to 2014. Last year dengue fever claimed the lives of 58 people.

According to data contained in the epidemiological bulletin number 52, covering from December 27 to 2 January, 290 probable cases were reported, for a cumulative total of 1,494 cases in the past four weeks.

The highest incidence during this period was reported in the National District (228) and the provinces of Santo Domingo (451), Santiago, (104), San Cristobal (83), La Vega (77), Duarte (65), Azua (50), Barahona (48), San Juan (43), Peravia (42) and Maria Trinidad Sanchez (39).

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